Job Seekers | Scam Awareness

Never send money to employers for visas or other purposes to secure a job posted online

Looking for a job is a full time job, especially if you do it the right way. The days of putting your resume in the mail and waiting a week for an interview are long gone. Finding a job in today’s market requires action, and lots of it.

The online job boards, the email services, the social networking sites and the professional websites are just a few of the resources at the job seekers disposal. Job seekers should use these resources every day until you land the position you want. Just as in everything else in life, the results of your job search will depend on the effort you’re putting into it.

Our site slogan is ‘See the job that you want as already yours,’ and we are on to something here. Looking for a job can be a grueling experience with one gut punch after another. Maintaining a positive attitude during any job search is a crucial part of success.

One type of gut punch is especially hurtful is the job offer that’s really not a job offer at all, it’s a scam being run by some con artists trying to get into your wallet or purse. These types of scams have been around a long time and continue to evolve as the job seeking world evolves. We are on the cutting edge of sniffing out and eliminating these scams from our job listings. We proactively remove all suspicious listings from our site.

Ultimately though, it is the responsibility of the job seeker to perform all due diligence with any employer. Here are a few tips to help you determine if a job offer is a scam during your job search.

Protect Your Information

An offer that is contingent upon you providing personal details, identifying information or especially money is probably a scam, especially if it’s an email or phone call requesting the information.

Check Online

If a company doesn’t have an online presence in today’s world, that’s very suspicious and you would be wise to steer clear.

Use the Resources

The same tools you use to find a job are great for getting the word out about potential and actual scams. All you have to do is ask.

Check the Location

If the company is located in the Czech Republic, for example, and they offer you a sales job in Indiana – that’s suspicious and you need to look harder at the company.

Unsolicited Offers

A legitimate company will seldom bypass the application and interview process and leap straight to an offer. An unsolicited offer should be avoided in most cases.

Reporting Fraud

If you see a questionable job posting or any potential misuse of the JobSeekers.Club site, please report the suspected fraud to